Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

Program Admissions

The Embedded Systems and Internet of Things (ESIOT) program at the Universities At Shady Grove is a Fall admission-only program. Students who have satisfactorily completed the A. James Clark School of Engineering LEP Admissions Requirements, in addition to the ESIOT program requirements, will be eligible for direct admission into the program. 

Coming in for a pre-transfer advising appointment is the best way to ensure that you are properly prepared to transfer to our ESIOT Program.

Pre-transfer advising appointments typically take about 30 minutes and are with Brian Taylor Schoem in Building IV, office 5104. Please bring a copy of your unofficial transcript(s) with you to the meeting to be reviewed.  

To set up a pre-transfer advising appointment, please submit an email to us adhering to the proper guidelines listed below:

  1. Address your email to "es-sg@umd.edu".
  2. Within the subject line please write "Pre-Transfer Advising".
  3. Please send a courteous salutation to our Program Coordinator, "Mr. Brian Taylor Schoem".
  4. To begin your email, please include your full name, the school you are currently attending (i.e.. Montgomery College), and your expected transfer year (i.e.. Fall 2025).
  5. Within your email, please include your availability for an appointment that week or the upcoming week.
  6. When ready, please submit your email to our department and Mr. Brian Taylor Schoem will respond to you in a timely manner regarding scheduling an advising appointment

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Taylor Schoem using the information below:

Phone: 240-665-6531
Email: es-sg@umd.edu

Clark School Admissions Criteria

All students applying to the Embedded System program must first meet the Clark School of Engineering's Limited Enrollment Program requirements:  
Engineering LEP Requirements
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (from all previous institutions) 
  • Completion of MATH141 (Calculus II) with a minimum grade of a B- 
  • Completion of PHYS161 (Physics I) with a minimum grade of B- 
  • Completion of either CHEM 135, CHEM 271 or CHEM134* with a minimum grade of C-.
Students must adhere to all LEP Admissions policies outlined in the University's LEP Website.
*Students who take an equivalent to CHEM134 must also have completed an equivalent to CHEM131 with a minimum grade of C-.

Additional Admissions Requirements

In addition to the LEP admissions criteria, students applying to the Embedded Systems and Internet of Things major must meet the following requirements:
  • Completion of the following major courses with a minimum grade of a C-
    • ENES100: Intro to Engineering Design
    • PHYS260/261: Physics II 
    • An introductory programming course (see curriculum page for details)
    • One of the following math courses:
      • MATH246: Differential Equations
      • MATH241: Calculus III
      • MATH240: Linear Algebra 
  • Completion of all lower-level General Education requirements (usually satisfied by earning an associate's degree from a community college within the State of Maryland). 
  • At least 60 transferable credits to UMD

For a list of which UMD course prefixes and numbers compare with some Maryland community colleges, view the Prerequisite Equivalencies Chart.

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